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OptAlign Touch Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

OptAlign Touch is a laser alignment tool designed to perform quick, highly-accurate alignments with a variety of measurement modes, and send the data to the cloud for simplified analysis and reporting. • High-precision adaptive alignment, rugged IP65 system • Easy-to-use touchscreen display and 3D animations • Core alignment tasks, including horizontal/vertical alignment, soft foot, twist/flatness, straightness, machine movement • Simplified monitoring and analysis software for sending out data in the field, trending, and reporting

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What is Adaptive Alignment?

Learn about the next generation of laser alignment systems

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Fast, easy, and precise alignment that adapts to your needs

  • Single-laser technology

  • Active Situational Intelligence

  • Work faster without sacrificing precision

  • Freeze-Frame Measurement

  • Real-Time Measurement Quality Enhancement

  • Instant collaboration via the cloud

  • Rugged interface with the highest IP rating in its class

  • Up to 8 measurement points for more precise alignment of vertical machines

  • SHAFTALIGN touch Cloud Schema by PRUFTECHNIK


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A new standard for affordable laser alignment

The new ShaftAlign Touch is a rugged laser alignment system that provides digital, cloud, and other advancements over the decades-old but still widely used dial indicator and feeler gauge.

ShaftAlign Touch is a combination of software and hardware innovations enabling maintenance teams to address a wide variety of alignment challenges that basic laser alignment systems cannot handle.

It also delivers premium Adaptive Alignment capabilities that, until now, were not available in an entry-level system.

Two innovations – single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence – differentiate ShaftAlign Touch from the competition.

Together, they deliver the “magic” that enables Prüftechnik alignment products to automatically adapt – in real time, as alignment jobs are finished – to the asset, the situation, and the user's experience level.

Step up to the high precision and intelligence built into the ShaftAlign Touch: eliminate the time, rework, and guessing common to other approaches. Get more done while enabling your machines to operate at peak performance.

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Adaptive Alignment Advances

ShaftAlign Touch uses single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence to adapt to the asset, the situation, and the maintenance team, aligning standard rotating assets with new levels of precision and speed.

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Introducing the new ShaftAlign Touch

Single Laser Technology

The rugged ShaftAlign Touch: gets the job done, just like you.

ShaftAlign Touch - aligning shafts has never been easier
ShaftAlign Touch: The rugged, go-to shaft alignment system

ShaftAlign Touch: a user-interface designed for YOU

The Magic of Adaptive Alignment

What's new?

touch device Firmware Version 2.5

Please note: touch device firmware version 2.5 strictly requires ARC 4.0 software version 2.5 to communicate.

How to upgrade your firmware?

ShaftAlign Touch device - updating procedure

  • Download and unzip the “rom” files on a PC

  • Please ensure the ShaftAlign touch device is charged or has at least 50% battery capacity

  • Switch on the ShaftAlign touch device and connect it to the PC. A hint to allow the Windows PC access to the device appears

  • On confirmation, the ShaftAlign touch device shows up on the File Explorer

  • Double-click “Tablet” to access folders on the ShaftAlign touch device

  • Transfer all unzipped “rom” files to the ShaftAlign touch device folder “FirmwareUpdate”

  • After all the “rom” files have been copied to the “FirmwareUpdate” folder, disconnect the ShaftAlign touch device from the PC

  • An on-screen message box “Firmware update in progress. Please wait” appears on the Shafalign touch device

  • Wait for the subsequent on-screen message box “Update available proceed with update” to appear.

  • Tap green tick button to proceed with the firmware update

  • Follow all the update instructions carefully, and confirm all requested installations

  • Once the firmware is completed, a hint to restart the ShaftAlign touch device appears

  • Press and hold down the power key briefly. “Power off” and “Restart” icons appear on the display

  • Tap “Restart”. The update is now completed and after restart may be checked and confirmed in the “About” menu item in configuration

Device Viewer

The Device Viewer software is used to demonstrate the operation of the instrument on a PC or Laptop.