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With intelligent and precise measurement and testing systems, PRUFTECHNIK offers innovative
solutions to customers in machine alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing.

We are driven to set global standards in precision measurement for the maintenance of rotating
equipment and quality assurance.

Trust our precision

The spirit of discovery among the PRUFTECHNIK team, our drive to innovate and openness
to new ideas, has only one goal:
to offer our customers the perfect solution, anywhere in the world.

Premier solutions for all industries

Alignment Systems

Laser measurement systems and services for optimum alignment of rotating equipment.

When shafts are well-aligned — with their axes colinear — machines run smoothly. Misalignment is the underlying cause for around 50% of all machine failures. The ensuing downtime, production losses and repairs can generate staggering costs.

The answer to these problems is laser-based precision measurement.

Condition Monitoring

Measurement systems for machine condition monitoring—including vibration analysis and fault diagnosis.

Optimal production and smooth processes are only possible when machines run within vibration tolerances.

Identifying problematic machine conditions and, more importantly, eliminating their causes is our business. We provide innovative vibration analysis and monitoring systems as well as experienced field specialists for a high service level.

Nondestructive Testing

Systems and services for quality assurance and process control in production.

At NDT we ensure that manufacturers of semi-finished products and their customers obtain products of the best possible quality. Our eddy current and flux leakage testing equipment in the EDDYCHEK and NOVAFLUX series detect flaws in semi-finished metal products,which are then marked and separated out.

Our systems are also employed in the optimization of production processes and the reduction of scrap.

History milestones since 1972

Passion for Precision

Our test laboratory is at the core of our development and production processes and guarantees the unique precision of our measurement systems.

Our lab offers the best test conditions for the quality assurance of our products based on advanced techniques such as ventilation and temperature control devices, optimized LED lighting, specific suspension of the measurement tables, etc.

Our test lab features a unique combination of testing facilities:

  • Motion simulator for 3-D calibration of our measuring instruments such as PARALIGN or INCLINEO

  • Rectangular 6m x 2m granite table (12 tons) for the measurement of flatness and straightness during development, testing and calibration

  • 11-meter long granite table (11 tons) for the calibration and measurement of our laser components. The cushioned and spring-mounted concrete base protects the tables from external vibration