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Conducting a roll alignment with Peak RGA

During a roll alignment, the ParAlign sweeps across the circumference of a roll. Points along the arc are collected, and the software uses those points to calculate an angle. The horizontal and vertical offsets are determined by measuring the length from bearing to bearing.

The graphical report gives technicians the information they need to make necessary adjustments and corrections. Each roll measurement takes approximately 30 seconds.

Peak RGA (Roll and Geometrical Alignment) from the innovators of inertial alignment

Misalignment in rolling machinery can lead to wasted material, inconsistent or low-quality products, and excess machine wear. Misaligned rollers can even create safety issues. Properly aligned rolls perform better, create more consistent products, and reduce machinery wear and tear. Roll alignment is a crucial consideration for maintenance teams in many industries.

Peak RGA is a total alignment solution combining the ParAlign, an exclusive non-optical measurement method, with laser trackers. It is a fast, accurate, and comprehensive way to align rolls and their surrounding structures. The Peak RGA service is available globally. Customers receive clear visual reports instantly.

Read on to learn more about roll alignment and the military-grade ring laser gyroscopes used in the ParAlign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why roll alignment?

Well-aligned rolls—that is, rolls which are parallel to each other—improve product quality and increase productivity through higher machine availability and production output.

The parallelism of rolls is critical when machines run at high speeds or when rolls are in close proximity.

Why should rolls be parallel?

Rolls should be parallel to ensure that the product being created is uniform and of good quality. Parallel rolls reduce or eliminate these issues: uneven bearing stresses, tracking, web breaks, uneven coating, wrinkling, delamination, warping, roller surface wear, tension irregularities, and more. Proper roller alignment minimizes waste, downtime, and maintenance costs.

The parallelism of rolls becomes even more important when machines are running at high speeds or when the rolls are close to each other.

Why use Peak RGA?

It is the fastest roll measurement method on the market.

With a quick setup procedure and measuring process, entire machines can be measured during short maintenance outages. Results are instantaneously displayed, allowing necessary corrections to be made swiftly and adjusted rolls to be re-measured immediately.

The Peak RGA service can even measure rolls in enclosed sections or across multiple machine levels because, unlike optical measurement systems, the ParAlign does not require a line of sight. Also, no baseline is needed for the measurement because the offset is defined in relation to a reference roll.

How does the ParAlign work?

Roll alignment in steel manufacturing with PARALIGN

Three ring laser gyroscopes enable the ParAlign to take measurements in three-dimensional space (roll, pitch, and yaw). No line of sight is required, which creates consistent, reproducible results.

In performing a measurement, the device is placed on a roll and swept a minimum of 20 degrees about the roll's circumference. The ParAlign can be positioned anywhere along the circumference of the roll as long as there is enough clearance to complete a proper measurement using the SWEEP method. This flexibility allows for rolls to be measured on the top, bottom, or sides, depending on which is most accessible.

The measurement takes about 30 seconds, and results are instantly transmitted wirelessly to a laptop.

What is the smallest roll the ParAlign can measure?

Roll alignment in a converting plant with PARALIGN

The smallest roll it can measure is 43 cm (17 inches) in length and 8 mm (0.315 inches) in diameter.

Does accuracy depend on the location of the roll?

Alignment report showing roll misalignment

The ParAlign does not drop in accuracy based on location, elevation, or proximity.

How are reports made available?

The graphical readout is displayed in the custom software as soon as each roll is measured. A full report, with initial and final alignment results, is provided to the customer upon completion of the service.

Is Peak RGA a tool or service?

Peak RGA is a service combining the ParAlign with laser trackers to measure all roller assets in the shortest time possible—while producing accurate results and instant visual reports. No other roll alignment method combines gyroscopic and laser tracker technology.

Do you need optics to set up your measurements?

The ParAlign does not require a visual line of sight to gather alignment data. This means it can measure enclosed oven rolls, tower rolls, or rolls located across multiple floors or levels. However, the software can incorporate optical data from a baseline if required.

What is inertial technology?

PARALIGN gyroscope no inclination

The ring laser gyroscopes of the ParAlign keep their rotation axis unchanged—even when their base is shifted. This means that the ParAlign can identify its relative position in space at any time.

PARALIGN gyroscope with inclination

This same technology is commonly used in aerospace navigation systems. For example, the U.S. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter also features three ring laser gyroscopes for each axis. They measure how fast and how far the spacecraft turns and can even be used to estimate the spacecraft's orientation.

Roll alignment with PARALIGN

PARALIGN is the fastest roll measurement method in the market

PARALIGN increases machine availability and product quality

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Press Section

  • Prolong lifetime of wires, felts, and roll covers

  • Decrease folds and creases

  • Ensure uniform moisture profile

Drying Section

  • Prolong lifetime of fabrics and roll covers

  • Decrease folds

  • Ensure uniform thickness profile

Calendar section

  • Prolong lifetime of bearings and rolls

  • Decrease paper folds and breaks

  • Reduce waste

  • Ensure uniform winding

Roll parallelism: Our tolerance values are based on 15 years of experience

PARALIGN helps prevent web folds, creases, and the so-called “long sides”

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Blow Film Extrusion Line

  • Prevent and reduce ‘long sides’, or the asymmetric winding of the web

  • Ensure uniform thickness profile

  • Decrease folds, creases and web breaks

  • Increase product quality

  • Reduce waste

Roll parallelism: Our tolerance values are based on 15 years of experience

PARALIGN is used to align rolls in flexo, digital, offset, and gravure presses

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Printing Press

  • Reduce maculature, spoilage, and waste

  • Decrease web folds and breaks

  • Short setup times when the product is changed

  • Correct passers and gauge pins

PARALIGN can even measure rolls over long distances and rolls that are difficult to access

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Tandem rolling mill

  • Prevent asymmetrical thickness profile

  • Decrease web movement due to improved position of the support rolls

  • Ensure uniform surface density

Push Pull Pickling line / cold rolling mill

  • Prevent strip misalignment

  • Reduce downtime due to strip failure

Roll parallelism: Our tolerance values are based on 15 years of experience