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Three Phase Power Monitoring

A three-phase power monitor detects changes in electrical variables. With power monitoring on your assets, you can help reduce wear and damage, while also identifying what’s causing it. The Fluke 3540 FC three-phase power monitor can be used remotely or through a stationary connection.

Three-Phase Power Monitoring FAQ

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What is a three-phase power monitor?

A three-phase power monitor measures current, power, and apparent power, as well as fluctuations in energy consumption for motors, generators, or electrical cabinets.

What can I do with a three-phase power monitor?

You can attach a portable, wireless three-phase power monitor to a motor, generator, or electrical cabinet. The tool will screen machine performance in real-time. The data can be viewed remotely from a safe distance. If conditions change, it sends an alert to a smart device, including a mobile phone, laptop, or computer so maintenance teams can act and possibly avoid a machine failure.

What is the difference between a single-phase power monitor and a three-phase power monitor?

A single-phase power monitor is mainly used for measuring a single-phase power supply, such as small appliances or lighting and heating at residential properties or small businesses. A single-phase power monitor usually has one phase wire and one neutral wire.

A three-phase power monitor is used for measuring heavy electrical loads that are powered by three phases of electricity such as those found in commercial and industrial settings. It can measure power from large load machines including pumps, motors, chillers, and boilers. It has four wires: three conductor wires and a neutral wire.