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Induction Bearing Heater Tools

Induction bearing heating tools are the safest and most effective method for mounting bearings onto shafts. Bearing induction heaters ensure even and controlled heating of the bearing and work pieces. Our induction heating tools for small and large bearings are safe and easy to use.

Induction Heating FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does an induction bearing heater work?

Induction heating is a non-contact, safe method for precisely heating electrically conductive materials, such as bearings and other metals. The bearing heating process changes the physical properties of the metal and allows the material or work piece to harden, soften, or bond metals relevant to for instance, gears, shafts, and axles.

Bearing induction heating lets users properly fit bearings onto a shaft. The tool creates an oscillating electrical current that causes the bearing or metal to heat when placed in the device’s magnetic field. Eddy currents make the bearing heat up and expand. Once the induction bearing heater reaches the correct temperature, the operator removes the hot bearing with safety gloves and places it on the shaft. As it cools down, the bearing shrinks to fit it.

The eddy currents caused by induction heating get their name from the circular swirls, called eddy currents, that develop when a river hits resistance, such as a rock.

Why are bearing induction heaters used to mount and dismount bearings?

Bearing induction heaters let users precisely control the process of mounting bearings onto a shaft or dismounting them. Other methods, like torching or heating bearing in a hot oil bath, don’t offer the safety and control of an induction bearing heater.

A bearing induction heater provides a safe, clean, and easy way to place bearings safely, securely, and quickly on a shaft. These tools also let maintenance teams remove bearings without causing bearing damage or particle contamination. Depending on the manufacturer, bearing induction heaters come in large, medium, and small sizes. Some organizations also offer a portable bearing induction heater.

What are the benefits of using an induction heater for mounting bearings?

Most manufacturing industries use bearing induction heating to carry out specific manufacturing processes, including mounting or dismounting shaft bearings. Induction bearing heating offers a safer and more efficient alternative to other less controllable bearing heating methods.

  • Reduces bearing damage

  • More cost-effective and efficient

  • Cleaner and safer to use

  • Reduces accidental bearing contamination

  • Supports fast, repeatable, and controllable results

  • Easy to operate and setup

  • Simplifies temperature monitoring and control

  • Increases bearing lifecycle