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We offer you an all-encompassing, scalable and networked concept

Measuring systems for machine analysis

The basis of maintenance is the measurement and recording of machine data to reduce unplanned machine downtime and increase machine availability. We provide you with handheld measuring devices and condition monitoring systems permanently installed on the machine directly from the manufacturer.

All measuring systems can ensure your machine data is available via a common cloud and browser-based platform or, for example, transfer it to the eMaint maintenance software to manage work orders or inventory here.

Vibration monitoring & balancing

  • Powerful handheld measuring devices such as the VibXpert II or the new VibScanner 2 EX for vibration analysis and operational balancing.

  • Permanently installed, wired systems for continuous monitoring of critical equipment with e.g. our VibGuard IIoT

  • NEW: easy-to-install, battery-powered wireless vibration sensors like our FLUKE 3563 with its own harvester and automatic evaluation in the cloud

  • PC software OmniTrend Center for analysis and evaluation of measurement data, OmniTrend Asset View for visualization of machine status via cloud and internet browser

Machine alignment and asset geometry measurement

  • in laser-optical shaft and coupling alignment, we are inventors of this technology and world market leaders, e.g. with our RotAlign Touch

  • measure highly accurate machine geometries, e.g. straightness, squareness, parallelism, flatness or machine misalignment during operation with our Geo Center software and various measuring devices

  • High-precision and fast measurement of roll parallelism with our unique ParAlign Service

Leakage detection in compressed air lines & detection of electrical discharges

  • with our innovative ultrasonic camera FLUKE ii900, leaks in compressed air lines become immediately visible and can be documented, as well as electrical discharges, e.g. on defective insulators

Measuring rotational speeds

  • With our high-performance LED stroboscope Fluke 820-2

Measure power quality and power consumption

  • Detect power fluctuations and prevent wear with the Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor

Services & Support

Are you experiencing acute machine problems and need root cause analysis?

Our experienced, global service team has the experience and measurement tools to successfully analyze your machines.

Vibration analysis & balancing on machines

  • Unbalance, misalignment, problems due to unstable set-up or inherent resonances can be better identified and corrected

Vibration analysis on buildings and steel structures

  • Detection of natural resonances, excitation by external exciters, etc.

Geometric measurements of equipment

  • Shaft alignment, roll parallelism, flatness of foundations, straightness of traversing rails and alignment of bore and bearing aisles, etc. - perfectly aligned machines are more efficient and produce better quality

Leakage detection

  • Leakage detection and quantification on pressurized lines (e.g. compressed air)

Maintenance software

Are you looking for a powerful and user-friendly software to manage all tasks in your maintenance?
Maybe with an interface to SAP to also manage your inventory in maintenance?
- We have the solution

Maintenance Software

  • With the award-winning CMMS software eMaint, you can manage your maintenance across the board

Training & Education

We offer a comprehensive range of training courses - we come to you or simply to our company.

Training and education offer

  • Training on the latest maintenance concepts, e.g. our ARP seminar

  • General trainings about vibration measurement and vibration analysis - from beginners to professionals

  • Device specific trainings and briefings

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