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The evolution of the Norwegian maintenance market has just begun

ISMANING – April 4th, 2018 – In Norway, a Scandinavian country well known for its high moose and reindeer population and even more famous for its rich oil and gas deposits, PRUFTECHNIK has got a new distributor for its high-class condition monitoring and laser alignment services and tools. Tommy Glesnes and Ahmed Ismail, founders of AMPs, Asset Management & Predictive solutions, have since overtaken the service, sales, and distribution business for the Bavarian manufacturer of premium condition monitoring devices and laser alignment tools.

From the marine and power industry to oil and gas and further onto automotive and all other industries where rotating machines have a major role in the production process, condition monitoring and laser alignment systems today are the base of every efficient maintenance program. With more than 25 years of experience Tommy Glesnes, Managing Director of AMPs, has become an icon in the field of condition based and predictive maintenance. His partner Ahmed Ismail, CTO at AMPs, is also on his way to receive this iconic status. Both are certified experts in analyzing vibrations due to their ISO CAT III and ISO CAT IV certificates. From now on, they are the new PRUFTECHNIK partners in the distribution of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services, premium condition monitoring devices (both on- and offline) and laser alignment devices, all designed and manufactured in Germany.

„AMPs is committed to protect the health and safety of all people involved with our activities and thus achieving a safe and incident free workplace, with high standards of environmental responsibility. Together with the German PRUFTECHNIK technology we can fulfill this commitment any time!” says Tommy Glesnes, AMPs General Manager. PRUFTECHNIK is offering worldwide unique technology for all maintenance routines on rotating machines. The Bavarian manufacturer is the world-market-leader in the field of laser alignment systems and is the owner of the globally unique and patented PARALIGN technology for roll alignment services. PRUFTECHNIK is also a leader in condition monitoring thanks to its game changing tools VIBGUARD, VIBXPERT II and VIBSCANNER 2.

The evolution of the Norwegian maintenance market has just begun as AMPs and PRUFTECHNIK are entering into a new future together.