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Machine geometries on your PC

ISMANING – December 05/2017 – PRUFTECHNIK is opening new avenues in the area of geometric measurement of machine surfaces. With the newly released GEO CENTER software, PRUFTECHNIK eliminates the need for a handheld hardware device to check machine geometries in the field, such as measuring the flatness of machine foundations or the straightness of machine rails.

To perform a measurement, all the alignment engineer needs is a PC laptop with the GEO CENTER software installed. Depending on the application, GEO CENTER directly connects to proven measurement systems from PRUFTECHNIK, such as the LEVALIGN, sensALIGN or INCLINEO. Measurement data is transmitted via Bluetooth from the sensor to the PC.

And there is more... The graphical user interface makes it easy to manage all steps of the measurement tasks centrally, from start to finish. The alignment engineer is able to prepare the job, execute the measurement and analyze the results within one software platform.

Predefined or customized templates may be used for the job. Using the GEO CENTER software in combination with sensALIGN technology allows to enter a user defined bracket offset. Setting a bracket offset enables precise calculation from sensor plane to measurement plane and therefore high flexibility in placing your measuring unit.

The measurement itself starts on a simple click of a button. If access or space is restricted, a Bluetooth remote control can be used to remotely take a measurement point.

Depending on the application, the measurement results are displayed in a 2D or 3D graph showing the deviations from the ideal alignment of the measured surface. Results can also be post-processed and each measurement point checked for repeatability.

Comprehensive measurement reports are generated automatically and can be customized with the company-specific logo or content. Import and export functions from the Windows navigator make it easy to manage and archive reports on the PC.

Together with the PRUFTECHNIK powerful measurement technology, GEO CENTER is a smart and user-friendly solution to measure a wide range of different geometric applications e.g. straightness, flatness, inclination, plumbness, parallelism or right angle.