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PRUFTECHNIK achieves new breakthrough in vibration monitoring

ISMANING – February, 2018 – PRUFTECHNIK never stops innovation. Together with the new high-speed data collector VIBSCANNER 2, the German manufacturer brings out a major new release of the OMNITREND Center software

OMNITREND Center is the central PC-software for PRUFTECHNIK’s handheld vibration instruments and online condition monitoring systems. With OMNITREND Center 2.3, Condition Monitoring specialists await a new working environment in which each task has been optimized. The new version offers intuitive software tools for generating a clear and structured overview of the monitored assets. In the redesigned graphical user interface, engineers can easily create and configure the assets as they are in the field. More highlights such as easy graphical machine set up, central task configuration, flexible route management and advanced analysis tools will literally slash the learning curve for new users and allow experienced analysts to save extra time.

In OMNITREND Center 2.3, specialists have everything they need to prepare measurement tasks and vibration routes effectively. Various standard machine graphics are available for easy configuration in one central machine train view. The overall machine tree structure – or footprint of a machine park – makes specific asset-based information very quick and easy to retrieve.

The central, asset-driven measurement task configuration and flexible route set up also contribute to a quicker turnaround. Users can drag and drop machine trains and measurement points into the vibration route, edit tasks parameters and adjust the route sequence according to the actual location of the assets in the plant.

Vibration analysts will find the new interface very comfortable with advanced diagnostic tools that are easy to use. For example, the frequency markers are automatically set up and make in-depth analysis of machine health faster and more accessible, lowering the requirements on expert skills.