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PRUFTECHNIK receives MOBIUS Award for excellent knowledge transfer

ISMANING – July 26, 2017 – German companies are recognizing the trend towards further training. PRUFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG, a partner of the Australian MOBIUS Institute, can also attest to this. The number of participants in the ISO CAT seminars offered by PRUFTECHNIK has risen significantly in the period between 2014 and 2017. PRUFTECHNIK AG received the “3rd Biggest Student Growth Award” from the MOBIUS Institute in Antwerp for these seminars.

That specialized further training pays off at the end of the day has now been acknowledged by a number of German universities who regularly send their staff to the ISO CAT seminars offered by PRUFTECHNIK in cooperation with the internationally certified MOBIUS Institute. Vibration experts are trained at these seminars. These certified experts can measure and analyze vibrations on machines in accordance with ISO standard 18436-2 internationally and, therefore, anywhere in the world. In the space of three years (2014 – 2017), PRUFTECHNIK was able to record a growth in participant numbers in excess of 30 percent and was awarded the “3rd Biggest Student Growth Award” at the MOBIUS Training Partner Meeting 2017 in Antwerp. Greater growth in the same period was only recorded at MOBIUS partners in India and China. This underlines Germany’s leading position in excellently trained specialists in vibration measurement and analysis.

Dr. Edwin Becker, Head of PRUFTECHNIK Service, is certain that this trend towards further training will continue: “In the first half of the year we received twice as many registrations than we did in the same period the previous year.” By the end of the year, Becker is therefore optimistic that the number of participants in all of the ISO CAT I, II and III seminars offered will again rise significantly in comparison to previous years.

In this regard, PRUFTECHNIK is not just attracting attention from other companies for being a manufacturer and provider of premium equipment for machinery alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing, as well as a worldwide service provider in the field of industrial maintenance. PRUFTECHNIK's Service department has meanwhile developed into a recognized purveyor of knowledge and trainer of international standard.

With 17 locations across the globe, PRUFTECHNIK comprises a large international network offering the same standardized ISO CAT seminars across the globe.