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Condition Monitoring Service recognized by Lloyd’s Register

ISMANING – 23. November 2017 – PRUFTECHNIK LTD, the UK office of the PRUFTECHNIK Group, has recently received the service level recognition by Lloyd’s Register for its services in the area of condition monitoring and diagnostic investigation.

The recognition applies to the following scope of services: Laser Alignment, Shaft Alignment, Roller Alignment, Vibration and Condition Monitoring, Harmonic Motion, Temperature, Displacement, Service and Repair, Calibration, Training.

The approval means that surveyors from the classification societies may rely on PRUFTECHNIK LTD when assessing rotating equipment on board with any of the above-mentioned services.

PRUFTECHNIK LTD can now assess onboard plant and rotating equipment using the above services to help when major overhauls are to be carried out at approved intervals, based on the actual condition of the equipment. The services increase the reliability and availability of vessels and reduce overall lifecycle costs. Surveyors can more easily make decisions affecting classification or statutory surveys to ensure compliance with applicable class rules and various international conventions. This will have a considerable financial and efficiency impact on the operations of Marine & Offshore customers, because companies working with PRUFTECHNIK condition-based maintenance products and services will not need to perform an overhaul as part of the compulsory three to five-year inspections, unless condition monitoring shows there is a requirement for it.

The approval of service supplier represents recognition and confirmation that PRUFTECHNIK LTD, working with the PRUFTECHNIK Marine Competence Centre based out of the group's office in Belgium & the Netherlands, is well placed for its intended purpose of condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance of Maritime & Offshore rotating equipment.

“PRUFTECHNIK LTD is now well established with its 23 years of presence in the UK and vast experience of working in this industry sector,” says Brian Forrest, Managing Director of PRUFTECHNIK LTD.

Condition monitoring products and services are powerful in assessing the condition of equipment on offshore platforms and shipping vessels, enable owners to optimize its usage and predict their maintenance needs going forward, thereby improving asset performance and reducing the total cost of maintenance.