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Extension of range to offer customers added value

Ismaning, November 2019 – PRUFTECHNIK, the Ismaning-based specialist for precision maintenance tools for shaft, coupling and turbine alignment via laser technology and for state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems, has extended its product range with immediate effect and is now distributing selected products of its US parent company Fluke through its sales network. The new range offers targeted added value for customers in industrial maintenance.

As the first stage of the process, the standard range has been expanded to include five Fluke products. PRUFTECHNIK TechSupport now also offers customer service for all these devices and systems.

Fluke 805 FC:
The Fluke 805 FC vibration measurement device is a tool for quickly and easily determining vibration values on machines and bearings. The measurement data can be called up in the cloud. The Fluke Connect app allows you to work quickly and easily on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Fluke 810 FC:
Vibration analysis on-site, at a glance: The Fluke 810 FC vibration measurement device reliably detects machine errors and evaluates them for criticality. Spectral diagrams and detailed diagnostic reports help to clarify measurements and locate the cause of the error correctly. The three-axis vibration transducer measures vibration data in three different degrees of freedom at once.

Fluke 820-2:
The Fluke 820-2 is an LED stroboscope tachometer. With between 30 and 300,000 flashes/minute, any speed on rotating machines can be measured. There is no need for a physical contact between the stroboscope and the rotating surface. In addition, no reflector strip is required as the presence of a marking (e.g. groove, screw, balancing weight, etc.) is sufficient.

Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor and Condition Monitoring Kit:
The Fluke 3540 FC Three-Phase Power Monitor and Condition Monitoring Kit reliably measures current (A), voltage (V), power (W), frequency (Hz), apparent power (VA), reactive power (var), power factor (PP), total harmonic distortion / THD (%) as either a mobile or stationary unit. If limit values are exceeded or not reached, the system automatically issues an alarm in real time (e.g. via push message on mobile devices).

Fluke 3561 FC:
The Fluke 3561 FC is a wireless condition monitoring sensor (Bluetooth) for monitoring machine vibrations and surface temperature. This makes it possible to receive a clear and holistic picture of the condition of the machine: What is the condition of the bearings? Is there any misalignment? Are any screws or bolts loose? Is there any potential imbalance?

All PRUFTECHNIK products, including the new Fluke extensions, are now available from PRUFTECHNIK Dieter Busch GmbH. Offers and more detailed information can be requested from the sales hotline +49 (0)89 99616-420.