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Solid and versatile sensor mountings


Many bracket types available to suit all kinds of shafts

For standard, tight, large, non-rotating and cardan shafts

Easy assembly saves time during measurement set up

Stored pre-mounted in the case for instant usage

Stable mounting improves measurement results

Improves the reliability of the system

Reduce your maintenance costs

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Original laser shaft alignment brackets

  • Universal compact chain-type brackets

  • Universal compact magnetic brackets

  • Magnetic sliding brackets for non-rotating shafts

  • Extra-thin brackets for tight spaces

  • Magnetic bolt hole brackets for large shafts

  • Cardan shaft brackets

  • PRUFTECHNIK standard laser alignment brackets

  • PRUFTECHNIK sensALIGN laser with magnetic bracket on machine

  • PRUFTECHNIK cardan shaft sensor bracket with rotating arm on machine
  • PRUFTECHNIK sensor on cardan shaft alignment rotating arm bracket
  • Laser alignment bracket assembly by PRUFTECHNIK
  • PRUFTECHNIK sensALIGN sensor bracket assembly
  • PRUFTECHNIK cardan shaft alignment bracket for limited rotation angle
  • PRUFTECHNIK cardan shaft alignment bracket for 180° rotation angle
  • PRUFTECHNIK standard compact chain shaft alignment bracket
  • PRUFTECHNIK standard extra-thin shaft alignment brackets for tight spaces
  • PRUFTECHNIK standard magnetic bolt hole shaft alignment bracket for large couplings
  • PRUFTECHNIK standard magnetic shaft alignment bracket


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The universal brackets for shaft alignment

  • Stored pre-mounted in the case for instant usage

  • Mounts on machine shaft in less than a minute

  • Standard chains fit shaft and coupling diameters of approx. 15 mm to 200 mm / 5/8“ to 7 7/8“

This universal bracket set contains all parts needed for quick, stable mounting of the measurement components.

It fits onto any shaft or coupling approx. 15 mm to 200 mm /5/8" to 7 7/8“ in diameter. Stored pre-mounted in the case, the brackets are always ready to use and quickly in place.

The chain may be used as a plumb bob to accurately determine the dimension from coupling center to front foot.

The universal brackets with quick magnetic mount

  • Instant set-up

  • Fits onto any ferromagnetic surface

  • Extremely stable yet easy to readjust

This bracket type is one of the most commonly purchased accessory. Instant mounting on any ferromagnetic surface: just place the compact magnetic brackets onto coupling flanges or shaft faces and you're all set!

Four powerful magnets hold sensors firmly in place for measurement – even on narrow coupling flanges – yet allowing extremely easy and flexible adjustment.

It can also be used on large diameter couplings when placed perpendicular to the shaft.

Brackets for tight spaces

  • Fits between coupling and machine housing

  • Mounts in only 8 mm / 5/16“ space

  • Slip-nut design mounts quickly

  • Fits diameters up to 160 mm / 6 5/16“

Only 8 mm (5/16") thick, this bracket offers an ideal solution to those occasional tight squeezes between coupling and machine housing.

The case includes one complete set for both sides of the shaft or coupling, including various threaded rods and quick-mounting slip nuts. For shafts of diameter up to 160 mm / 6 5/16".

Brackets for non-rotating shafts

A versatile bracketing solution:

  • Slides around coupling flange or shaft end

  • For diameters of 80 mm / 3 1/8“ and up

  • Use on one or both coupling sides

  • Can also be used for live trend application and bore alignment

  • Can be used on both flat and curved vertical and horizontal surfaces

This bracket allows measurement for shaft alignment when one or both shafts cannot be rotated. Place the magnetic sliding bracket upon the back of the coupling or front corner of the uncoupled shaft and slide it around from one measurement position to the next. Suitable for shaft/coupling diameters from approx. 80 mm (3 1/8") and up.

Magnetic brackets for very large couplings

  • Suitable for very large couplings with large bolt holes

  • No radial clearance required

  • Fits onto any ferromagnetic surface

  • Extremely stable, but easy to adjust

  • Can be used for shaft, bore and Live Trend applications

This bracket can replace the compact chain-type bracket for large couplings with large boltholes. They really come in handy when radial clearance around the coupling rim is limited. This bracket allows the laser beam to be directed through a coupling bolthole with the laser and sensor mounted below the rim.

Universal mounting for quick and easy cardan shaft alignment

The special cardan brackets with rotating arm allow cardan shaft alignment without removal of the shaft.

  • Quick measurement set-up

  • No need to remove the shaft

  • Fits shaft diameters of approx. 50 mm to 500 mm / 2" to 20"

Two bracket configurations exist:

  • ALI 2.451 suitable for limited rotation angle

  • ALI 2.461 suitable for 180° rotation angle

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