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Gearbox and bearing protection with oil particle counter


Detect progressive damage to gear teeth or roller bearings at an early stage

Particles in oil from friction and component wear and give indication on the type of problem at an early stage

Innovative oil particle counter based on eddy current technology

Counts and classifies particles according to sizeand material

Modbus TCP interface for easy integration into control systems

Transfers measurement data directly to plant control system / PLC or online condition monitoring system

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Prevent gearbox and bearing failure, reduce downtime and control maintenance costs

  • Detect bearing and gear teeth wear through the monitoring of particles in lubrication oil

  • Give precise indication on the type of equipment problem by counting and classifying wear particles by size according to ISO standard

  • Measure independently of oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air and water content, or oil color (darkening)

  • Identify ferrite and non-ferrite particles as well as slow moving particles

  • Easy integration in control systems / PLC

  • Internal storage of up to 150 days of measurement data

  • Alarm switching output

  • WEARSCANNER oil particle counter installation
  • Bearing wear detection with WEARSCANNER oil particle counter
  • Ferrite wear debris in lubricant oil
  • Wear particles in machinery lubricant
  • Oil particle monitoring chart with WEARSCANNER by PRUFTECHNIK


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Early recognition of bearing and gearbox damage with WEARSCANNER

Oil particle counting and analysis is an effective way of preventing gearbox and bearing failure.

Every rotating machine is subject to wear as a result of friction. Friction first produces very small particles, which increase in number until finally the particle size increases. The quantity of particles provides valuable information about the machine condition and the degree of wear. Information on wear can be obtained at a very early stage by monitoring not only the particle quantity, but also the particle size.

WEARSCANNER features an intelligent sensor that detects electrically

conductive particles in lubricants, counting them in real time and classifying

them by size according to ISO 16232. It automatically transfers the measured data to the plant control system via ModBus and/or straight to the operator or service center via an online Condition Monitoring system. Changes in the quantity and size of the detected particles observed during trend monitoring enable the early detection of progressive damage to gear teeth or roller bearings.

WEARSCANNER uses a patented method for detecting particles that is based on the eddy current principle and works independently of oil temperature, flow rate, viscosity, air and water content and oil color (darkening). In this way, it is also able to detect very slow-moving particles.

What is new?

WEARSCANNER utility 3.0

WEARSCANNER utility is a program for startup and system maintenance of the WEARSCANNER particle monitoring system. It can be used for the following tasks:

  • Change IP configuration

  • Set system time

  • Transfer and save readings (together with a network utility such as Netcat)

  • Read current system settings

  • Manually reboot

How to install:

  • Download the ZIP file provided on this page.

  • Create an installation directory on your PC and unzip the downloaded ZIP file (contains: wearscanner.exe, readme.txt).

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