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Encircling Coils

Eddy current sensors

Encircling Coils

Full documentation

A comprehensive, verifiable record of testing.

Continuous monitoring

The system continuously interrogates the sensor, giving you the assurance that the system is testing reliably.

Automatic parameter setting

With smart sensors, the working width of the sensor is automatically read in and cannot be accidentally changed.

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Smart sensors for better quality control

  • Various sensitivities available

  • With or without absolute channel for longitudinal crack detection

  • Test piece diameters: 0.1–227 mm (1/8 – 8 7/8 inches)

  • Special designs available for unusual profiles

  • Eddy current testing coils for nondestructive testing by PRUFTECHNIK
  • Eddy current testing coils in various sizes for nondestructive testing by PRUFTECHNIK
  • Eddy current testing coils for various test pieces and unusual profiles
  • Magnetization unit for nondestructive testing by PRUFTECHNIK


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Product description

PRUFTECHNIK offers encircling coils for full-body eddy current inspection. The coils are available with all types of windings, in several housing sizes, and test piece diameters.

All encircling coils are optionally available with the patented SMART SENSOR chip for storing information on sensor type, size, serial number, and sensing width. The SMART SENSOR chip can be used with the EDDYCHEK 5 series.

Coil holders

Robust coil holders for encircling coils when testing non-ferrous material. Available in various designs.

  • Four sizes to accomodate different encircling coil sizes

  • Test piece diameters: 0.1–175 mm (1/8 – 6 7/8 inches)

Coil holder w/ permanent magnets

Magnetization units

An electromagnetic saturation unit magnetizes ferrous material for encircling inspection. This unit holds the encircling coil and guide sleeves. Available for various diameter ranges.

  • Different sizes available to accomodate all encircling coil sizes

  • Test piece diameter: 0.1–227 mm (1/8–8 7/8 inches)