Alignment with S3 alignment systems ShaftAlign Touch, Fluke 830 and OptAlign smart On Demand

Alignment with sensALIGN S3 Alignment system


  • Fundamentals of shaft alignment

• Alignment – why?

• Alignment – what is it?

  • Prerequisites and preparations for optimal machine alignment

  • The sensALIGN S3 measuring principle

• Technical description of sensor, reflector (prism)

• Configuration of the operating elements

  • Practical exercises

• Assembly of the measuring equipment

• Selection of the measuring modes

• Assessment of the reproducibility and quality of the measurements

• Evaluation of results according to standard tolerances or according to user-defined tolerances

• Tilting foot examination and rectification

• Alignment of the machine with shims and “Move” function

• Measurement file backup and generation of PDF reports

  • Theory-based exercises

• Thermal growth of machinery

• Specifications for coupling values

• Alignment of machines installed vertically

• Alignment of machines equipped with plain bearings

• Using the X/Y function

  • Working with the ARC 4.0 and ALIGNMENT CENTER PC software

• Creation of reports and templates

• Management of measurement files


Engineers, technicians, foremen and skilled workers from the field of plant monitoring and condition-based plant maintenance, who are responsible for arranging alignment work or are tasked with such work themselves. *