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The most adaptable laser shaft alignment tool

  • Rotalign Touch
  • Rotalign Touch
  • Rotalign Touch
  • Rotalign Touch

Unrivaled precision alignment

Guided user interface, 3D machine animations, and tablet-like navigation for full control of your measurements.

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Advanced features to address any laser alignment procedure or situation

Benefit from adaptive features inherent to the sensALIGN 7 laser sensor heads and Active Situational Intelligence: intelliSWEEP, Live Move, vertiSWEEP, Live Trend and much more

Machine data notifications can be pushed to the cloud

ROTALIGN touch is designed to withstand even most rugged industrial environments: waterproof according to IP65, shock-proof, oil, dirt, and scratch-resistant

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Fluke Reliability Extended Warranty Program

NEW: The Fluke Reliability Extended Warranty Program now covers the ROTALIGN Touch and offers you peace of mind, convenience, device accuracy, and savings on service costs via:

  • Extending the manufacturer’s warranty from 2 to 5 years

  • Three free calibrations:

    Calibrations for extended warranty customers are prioritized!

    No risk of calibration price increase (the price of your 3 calibrations are locked in with purchase of the extended warranty)

  • A 15% discount on equipment repairs (not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty)

Reduce your maintenance costs

Use our ROI Calculator to simulate your maintenance cost savings with laser alignment.

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What is Adaptive Alignment?

Learn about the next generation of laser alignment systems

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Adaptive Alignment capabilities

  • Adaptive Alignment capabilities

  • Single-laser technology sensALIGN 7 featuring intelliSWEEP, intelliPOINT, and intelliPASS

  • Active Situational Intelligence immediately adjusts to specific alignment challenges in real time

  • Multi-coupling shaft measurement and simultaneous Live Move for up to six couplings

  • In-situ Cardan shaft alignment

  • Vertical machine alignment with vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode

  • Monitor thermal growth and pipe strain with Live Trend and Multi-coupling Live Trend

  • Soft foot diagnosis

  • Horizontal and vertical Move Simulator

  • Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 with cloud data transfer*

  • Mobile connectivity with integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and camera*
    * optional features.

  • ROTALIGN touch voice control by PRUFTECHNIK
  • ROTALIGN touch laser alignment tool by PRUFTECHNIK
  • ROTALIGN touch by PRUFTECHNIK in run-down industry background
  • ROTALIGN touch always copied never matched
  • ROTALIGN touch with cardan shaft alignment brackets
  • ROTALIGN touch cloud data transfer with alignment software ARC 4.0
  • ROTALIGN touch Live Trend for thermal growth measurement
  • sensALIGN sensor front and back detector areas


Find out more...

RotAlign Touch – Advanced Laser Alignment System

RotAlign Touch delivers unrivaled precision and easy-of-use with cutting edge technology from the old pros in laser alignment, Prüftechnik.

Complete system: A single tool for standard alignments, advanced applications, and software analysis that provides maximum return on investment (ROI) for users

User-friendly: Features an intuitive touchscreen interface with guided procedures, making complex alignment tasks more accessible to users of different skill levels (WiFi & Bluetooth connected)

Advanced software & cloud connectivity: Comes with full suite of software options, including cloud data transfer and comprehensive analysis tools, allowing for detailed monitoring and alignment trend analysis.

Machine train alignment: 14 machines

Simultaneous coupling alignment: Enables real-time adjustments on up to six couplings simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during complex alignments.

In-situ cardan shaft alignment: Offers specialized features for cardan shaft alignment without the need for disassembly, saving time and reducing effort.

Thermal growth monitoring: Includes capabilities to monitor and analyze thermal growth and pipe strain, allowing for more informed maintenance decisions.

Vertical machine alignment: Features vertiSWEEP continuous measurement mode, specifically designed for precise vertical shaft alignment tasks.

Adaptive alignment: Integrates Active Situational Intelligence to automatically adjust to various alignment challenges, ensuring optimal performance.

Multi-coupling live trend: Allows for the monitoring of alignment changes over time across multiple couplings, providing valuable insights into machine behavior.

Measurement modes: The system offers various measurement modes, including single-point, multi-point, and continuous sweep, to accommodate different alignment scenarios.

Live Move: RotAlign offers Live Move functionality in both vertical and horizontal planes, enabling real-time adjustments and immediate feedback during the alignment process.

Advanced diagnostics: Equipped with features like soft foot detection and correction, RotAlign helps identify and rectify common alignment issues, ensuring machinery operates at optimal efficiency.

Integrated camera: RotAlign includes an integrated camera for documenting alignment conditions and surrounding area, useful for reporting and alignment verification.

Robust hardware: Designed with IP65 industrial-grade materials, making it suitable for harsh working environments and ensuring durability and longevity.

Intelligent reporting: Offers detailed report generation capabilities, providing clear and concise documentation of alignment processes, results, and recommendations for maintenance actions.

Fluke Reliability extended warranty: Gain peace of mind, convenience, device accuracy, and savings on service costs via 2 – 5 year mfg. warranty, 3 free calibrations, and 15% discount on repairs.

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The sensALIGN Series technology is based on the inherent PRUFTECHNIK single-laser technology providing highly precise measurement results and easiest mounting and measuring in the field. sensALIGN 7 sensors include two HD large position-sensitive detectors (PSD) and MEMS inclinometers. Combined with the detector extension capability (InfiniRange), it is always possible to measure and document the initial alignment condition; no matter how big is the misalignment. Furthermore, this technology allows the simultaneous monitoring of the machine corrections in vertical and horizontal directions, starting from any angular position where the sensor comes to stop.

With sensALIGN 7, the door to the toughest alignment applications opens wide. Intelligent alignment features make it possible to approach complex alignments with serenity: intelliSWEEP filters out any poor measurement data due to difficult measuring conditions.

Whether it is a Cardan shaft, a vertical pump, or a turbomachine train, ROTALIGN touch will not let you down. All the best intelligent features are included: vertiSWEEP, Cardan Shaft, Live Trend, Live Move, Multicoupling Measure, Move, and Live Trend.

Watch our videos for laser shaft alignment with ROTALIGN touch

ROTALIGN touch Robustness

How to align a machine in only one
Live Move

Wind Turbine Generator Alignment with
Shaft Alignment with ROTALIGN touch

Cardan Shaft Alignment with

What's new?

touch device Firmware Version 2.5

  • ANSI tolerances available for Short flex and Spacer coupling types

  • Resolution available in both 2DP and 3DP (Metric)

  • Report print preview

  • Report new section: Measurement equipment serial number and due calibration date

  • Tolerance screen accessible directly from Results view

  • Context sensitive help ‘?’ button directly accessible within main workflow screens

  • "Add feet" button available in stationary machine properties

Please note: touch device firmware version 2.5 strictly requires ARC 4.0 software version 2.5 to communicate.

How to upgrade your firmware?

touch device - ALI 50.200 upgrade procedure

  • Please ensure the touch device is charged or has at least 50% battery capacity.

  • Unzip file to empty PRUFTECHNIK USB memory stick. Firmware is stored in "touch" folder.

  • Switch on the touch device. Wait for Home screen to appear.

  • Connect USB memory stick to the touch device USB port. New firmware copied from USB memory stick to the touch device.

  • After approximately 1 minute on-screen message box appears stating new upgrade firmware found. Tap green tick button to start upgrade. Remove USB memory stick from the touch device.

  • The touch device restarts and firmware upgrade begins.

  • After completion of firmware upgrade the touch device restarts and finishes in Home screen.

Device Viewer

The Device Viewer software is used to demonstrate the operation of the instrument on a PC or Laptop.

Software needed?

Voice App enables the voice-control of ROTALIGN touch

Via the PRUFTECHNIK ROTALIGN touch Voice App you can easily control the ROTALIGN touch laser-shaft- and machine-alignment system due to voice-control connected with your mobile phone or tablet-pc based on a Bluetooth connection. Thus you can fully concentrate on measuring and dictate the machine dimension directly into the device without even touching it. Measuring modes can be switched by voice control, too. The PRUFTECHNIK ROTALIGN Voice App amends the shaft alignment process and makes it more effective. You save time, your hands are free for the alignment process and in the end, you receive a precise, reliable, and repeatable alignment result.


What our customers say?

I enjoy the method of alignment with ROTALIGN touch. The product is perfect.

  Hendrik Petrus Broodryk AESSEAL, Expat Rotating Equipment Technician & Mechanical Supervisor

Very intuitive machine with repeatable precise results.

  Gerald Raymond SCANA Corporation Columbia Area, South Carolina Power Supply