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Fluke 810

Vibration tester detects vibration causes, identifies criticality, & gives recommendations on site

Fluke 810 on-site vibration analysis tool


The vibration analysis tool prioritizes the measurement results to check or renew critical machine elements.


In-depth diagnostic reports and spectral diagrams provide a comprehensive data quality check. Narrows down the cause(s) of the potential defect.


Tri-axial accelerometer (sensor) shortens the measurement time by up to two-thirds over single-axis accelerometers.

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Searching, locating, and prioritizing defects

  • Overall vibration level for quick assessment of the machine condition

  • Four different fault severity levels indicate the prioritization of the defect

  • Repair recommendations are issued directly

  • Several different machine types can be configured individually based on the rotational speed

  • Time-saving tri-axial accelerometer

  • Self-test function for optimizing the operating performance

  • Highly accurate determination of the machine speed by laser tachometer

  • Presentation of the measurement results in individual spectral diagrams for precise fault determination

  • All measurement results, especially large amounts of data, can be viewed and analyzed in the Viewer PC software


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Product description

The Fluke 810 vibration tester detects low-level vibration causes, evaluates them for their criticality, and gives repair recommendations directly on site.

Spectral diagrams and detailed diagnostic reports help to specify the measurements and to locate the root cause of failure correctly. The tri-axial accelerometer (sensor) measures vibration data in three different degrees of freedom at once. This saves time in data acquisition, without the data quality suffering.

The fault diagnosis is divided into four different fault severity levels so that the urgency of a repair can be easily recognized.

The data can also be analyzed on a PC via the Viewer PC software.


Using the Fluke Viewer PC software, the measurement data can be analyzed and stored as well as trend profiles created on a PC. At the same time, different machine types can also be created here and imported to the hand-held device.

To complete the machine data snapshot, you can add images (.jpeg) to the diagnostic reports created on PC.

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